An Update on Our Language Study

After three months of waiting, I (Matt) got the results of my test. I passed! As is usually the case for me, I did pretty well on the parts I thought I didn’t do well on, and not as good on a few parts I was pretty confident on. I thought they would love my essay on the transcendent hope that influences every part of society. They just thought it was okay. But I still passed and the certificate should be useful in the days to come.

Johanna finished her intense month of language learning. I doubt she’d want me to say so, but I’m writing, so I will. I was so proud of her. She had to take an entrance test, and she tested into the highest level (C2), but decided she would feel more comfortable at the second highest level (C1).

Most mornings Johanna left to catch the bus at 7 or 8 and didn’t get home until 8 or 9 in the evening. She studied hard and I could see clear progress in her ability to communicate as the weeks went on. Even though the weeks were full, the Lord gave her the grace to endure. He was also kind to give her several evangelistic opportunities at school, including a Roman Catholic priest from Brazil!

Thank you for praying. We wouldn’t have made the progress we did if the Lord hadn’t been pleased to hear your prayers on our behalf. We will be life-long learners of the Italian language, but we are thankful for the progress we’ve been able to make in this short time here. Sometimes we are quick to note every mistake we make and are slow to think about how many more mistakes we made a year ago. Recalling the progress we’ve made is an opportunity for gratitude.


3 thoughts on “An Update on Our Language Study

  1. Esultanza con voi due. Hopefully Google Translate did a good job and I didn’t just offend anyone. “Rejoicing with you both”.

  2. Thank you so much Matt, for the encouraging update ! Clearly , the Lord has been pleased to bless all the hard work of you two for His namesake and we are so grateful for his kindness toward you. Your report only fuels our desire to pray more!

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